Wine Mixes

Fruity Alcoholic Drinks & Wine Slushies!


Welcome to Mix for Chicks! We're a family-owned and operated business that creates gourmet wine slushie mixes that give you absolutely delicious fruity alcoholic drinks that are perfect for any occasion. What started as a simple passion of creating delicious treats for friends and family has quickly spiraled in to a full-time effort providing tasty treats across the country!


I'm sure you've heard of what we offer in some shape or form - wine slush, wine slushie, wine slushy (who knows what the right form is!) - but when you get right down to it, they're just girly drinks to enjoy any time with your friends and family! We take natural ingredients and blend them with your favorite choice of alcohol (liquor or wine) to create an absolutely delicious set of frozen alcoholic drinks (you can also use non-alcoholic wines and drinks, as well).


The best part about these mixes is how easy they are to prepare! You don't need a margarita machine, a slushie machine, or anything you wouldn't normally find in your kitchen! If you want them fast, all you need is a blender. If you can wait? A pitcher and a spoon. It's that easy!


What flavors do we offer? See for yourself! Cherry-Lime TwistDreamsicleFuzzy NavelKiwi Melon-TiniLemon FreezeMangotiniMellow MerlotPeachy KeenPineapple BreezeRaspberry TwistSangria, and Strawberry-Licious! Whether you're planning a party, getting a friend or family member a gift, or want something a little special to serve to your clients, one of these flavors is sure to be a hit!


Don't forget to head over to our Facebook page to receive updates on new flavors and fruity alcohol drinks, website specials, or where we'll be next! Thanks again for stopping by :)